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Seniors with healthy water

Clean Alkaline Hydrogen-rich Water

A Complete Health System right at your faucet
Keto Alkalline Life! with Laura Rimmer

Keto Alkalline Life with Laura Rimmer

The Best Program for Weight-loss and Health
Molecular Hydrogen

Molecular Hydrogen Revolution

It's the Health Revolution of the Decade!
Ultrastream Alkaline, Hydrogen Generating, Water Filter
Ultrastream logo

The World's Best Proven Natural Alkaline, Hydrogen Generating, Water Filter.

The beauty and magic of UltraStream is that it works exactly like nature to filter, alkalize and naturally energize water, returning it to its natural pristine state.

OUT - heavy metals, fluoride and chlorine, pesticides and bacteria, fungicides, organic contaminants, and so much more.

IN - alkaline minerals, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic H2 (molecular hydrogen).

EXPERIENCE a refreshing silky smooth taste, hydrating and fresh like a mountain spring.

And you'll NEVER have to haul or buy "plastic" bottled water again!

A Simple Installation
UltraStream easily connects to most kitchen taps - or get the "bundle" to install it under your sink with our compatible design under-sink mounting kit which comes with our required special brushed nickel vented faucet. Need assistance? See the installation guides here.
Ultrastream Under-sink Mounting Kit
Countertop Model

Install your UltraStream on the counter-top by simply unscrewing your faucet's aerator and attaching the UltraStream’s flow diverter. Adapters included to fit most taps, other options are available just ask.

Ultrastream Counter-top Installation
Ultrastream diverter

The standard $699 Countertop Model is placed on your counter top IF you have a standard aerator at the end of your faucet. This will NOT work for pull-out spray heads. You'll need the "bundle."

As low as $62/month with
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UltraStream Bundle

The UltraStream under-sink mounting kit has everything you need to mount your UltraStream under the sink and have a beautiful brushed nickel vented faucet to pour from on top.

Ultrastream Under-sink Mounting Kit
Ultrastream Under-sink Diagram

The UltraStream $844 "bundle" includes an UltraStream and the Under-sink Mounting Kit which comes with a special "vented" faucet and MUST be used to vent the excessive hydrogen gas produced by the UltraStream. "Bundled" at $844 it saves you $50.

As low as $75/month with
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Water Drop

Water isn't everything, but considering it's the second nutrition we take into our bodies to sustain life, it's pretty important...

The body can live for 5 weeks without food but only 5 days without water. Bottled water is processed water. Tap water is processed water. The body doesn't recognize processed food or water as nutrition and stores it in fatty cells. For us here at Alkaway, it's not just about drinking water, it's about drinking good, clean, healthy water. With Ultrastream and many other water solutions, we deliver the highest standard of nutritious and delicious water for you and your family. And when the water tastes good, it makes hydrating a joy.
Because life is simply better with healthy water.

Water Drop

Let's Get Educated...

Everyone deserves clean, healthy water. But what exactly does that mean? What makes water clean? What makes it healthy? And why are they calling hydrogen the supplements of the decade? We've got answers to all your questions and more, just visit our learning center.

Life is better with
healthy water

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Because you and your family deserve clean and healthy water.

At Alkaway, we know that people who have clean and healthy water can live healthier, longer and happier lives. One UltraStream provides clean, healthy water to each member of your family. Change your water. Change your life.