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99% of your questions answered right here!

We've noted every question you've asked, undergone many years of research and development to replicate the natural mineralizing water cycle.

With our UltraStream we simply emulate the process of nature.

We are AlkaWay USA the Sales and Distributors here for Alkaway in Australia. Independent third-party lab results below defend any claims we make. Jump to sections:

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To best understand "Molecular Hydrogen" start with Tywon Hubbard's "H2Minutes" on his YouTube channel. Below is a short video to show you the TOP 3 Reasons to intake Molecular Hydrogen, which UltraStream produces in great abundance!

About UltraStream

The independent third-party lab results defend any claims we make.
~ Ultrastream produces about 1.1 to 1.5 ppm of molecular hydrogen depending on the quality of your source water.
~ UltraStream is the ONLY Filter/Ionizer we know of tested for the life of the cartridge.
~ UltraStream is the ONLY Filter/Ionizer that has passed strict EU safety testing.
~ It's designed to last a family of four each drinking 2 liters of water per day a complete year! That's almost 800 gallons.

Please spend a few minutes listening to this!

UltraStream Independent Lab Reports

UltraStream is the ONLY Filter/Ionizer that has passed strict EU safety testing.

About Antioxidant H2 (molecular hydrogen)

Molecular Hydrogen Enriched WaterA Meta Overview of H2 (3 pages)Actions in the Body (18 pages) for those with extended knowledgeArticle from the HufPost Aug 30, 2016Molecular Hydrogen Institute (the studies)VIDEO - What Is Molecular Hydrogen? with Tyler LeBaronWhat the studies sayGet My I Love H2

What the studies say about: Antioxidant; Bones; Brain; Cancer; Eye & Ear; Heart; Human Studies; H2 Review articles; H2 from bacteria; H2 Chemistry/Physics; Ischemia/Reperfusion Injuries; Kidney; Liver; Lung & other organs; Metabolic Syndrome; Pain and others; Plants; Safety; Sepsis; gastritis; intestine; Skin and Radiation; Spine & Pancreas.

About I Love H2

It's a unique patent pending formula that converts regular water to hydrogen infused water, around 3 times the molecular hydrogen per liter than produced by a $4000 electronic water ionizer!

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