These are AlkaWay Advocates

Some are doctors. Some are healthcare professionals. Some are just like you and I.

What they all have in common is they care about their health, your health, and openly advocate for our products and services. Advocates are an amazing voice for business.

Avovado Ninja, U.K.

We Love and Recommend UltraSteam to ALL our US Friends!
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Christopher A Babayode, No Jet Stress Consultant

As a Travel Wellness Expert, I Love, Use, and Recommend UltraStream H2 to Everyone!
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Diane Kusunose, P.T., B.T.

Diane Recommends UltraStream to her clients
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Dr. Christine Salter, MD, DC, ND, ABFM, ABIHM, ABOM

Dr. Christine Salter Recommends UltraStream to all her clients
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Dr. Gregory Salem, DC

Dr. Gregory Salem Recommends UltraStream to his clients
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Dr. Leonard Morneau, MD, PGY-2

It's here and Leo Recommends UltraStream to all his clients
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Dr. Phillip Princetta

Dr. Phillip Princetta Recommends UltraStream
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Jeff M. Audibert, MD

Jeff Loves and Highly Recommends UltraStream to Everyone!
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John Chilton

Cycling Enthusiast John Chilton Reccommends UltraStream
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Lisa Beane, HC

As Founder of Beane Wellness & a Holistic Health Practitioner, I Love and Recommend UltraStream to Everyone!
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Louie Veleski

Louie Recommends UltraStream Over Electronic Ionizers to all his US customers
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Minucha, Best Water Canada

"Best Water" in Canada Recommends UltraStream to ALL of their US customers!
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Nancy and Rob Perez

Nancy and Rob Recommend UltraStream
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Paulo Fernandes

Paulo Recommends UltraStream to all his US clients
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Ryan Hetrick

We Love and Recommend UltraSteam to Everyone!
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Sonja Gregory, Wrap Me Day Spa

We Love and Recommend UltraStream to Everyone!
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Tracy O'Toole, MT

Tracy Recommends UltraStream
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