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Dr. Christine Salter, MD, DC, ND, ABFM, ABIHM, ABOM

Dr. Christine Salter Recommends UltraStream to all her clients

Dr. Christine Salter recommends the UltraStream for water that is filtered, and optimized for molecular hydrogen.‎ Taking care of our health is an investment of time and resources; to be guardians of our health we should invest in an optimal whole food diet, be physically active in everyday living, get restorative sleep as well as regular relaxation, use high quality, targeted nutritional supplements and use optimized water such as that found in the UltraStream.

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The body needs nutritious water. Ultrastream converts your everyday tap water into water that is clean, healthy and tastes good.

Filters out heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, bacteria, fungicides, organic contaminants, and much more.

Alkaline Minerals

Refreshing Taste
Smooth and Hydrating
Silky fresh like a mountain spring

Can your water filter do all that?

No! GET ME AN ULTRASTREAMI'd Rather Find Out More