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Alkalizing Benefits

Our vision at AlkaWay is simple - to spread the benefits of alkaline living to everyone seeking better health.

Behind everything AlkaWay stands for is a scientifically proven truth that underpins our everyday well-being - the body’s 24 / 7 life-and-death struggle to maintain the Alkaline / Acid balance of our blood between 7.35 and 7.45. Every product that carries our name has our long 18+ years of research and experience behind it. The typical Western diet is over 90% Acidic. Most of the beverages and even the water we drink from our bottles, faucets, and tanks are acidic PLUS everyday stress is the most powerful acidifier of all!

Drinking Alkaline Water

Most of us have never considered that water may be our primary health regulator!

We now know that without sufficient water that our peak zone of health will always elude us. Just like eating more dark leafy greens, the benefits from drinking alkaline water with high hydrogen are numerous and wide-ranging.

Remember that if you’re hydrating with high hydrogen alkaline water, you’re neutralizing the acid-forming carbohydrates even found in the best of dark leafy greens - and you're constantly assisting your body to ‘stay clean’ of cytotoxic reactive oxygen species (free radicals).

We’ve undergone many years of research and development (18+ years) to replicate the natural filtration & mineralizing of the water cycle.

Rain falls and seeps through layers of soil, rock and sediment.

In nature, naturally occurring minerals boost the alkalinity. If the minerals are the right ones, infuse vital molecular hydrogen into the water.

With our Ultrastream we simply emulate the process of nature.
Ultrastream and a glass of water
Ultrastream MK4
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Keto Alkaline Diet w/Laura Rimmer

It’s the core belief here at AlkaWay that weight gain and loss IS about diet, and not about calories and fats.

We all see people switch to zero calorie sodas, smaller portions or low carbs.  We see short term results at best.

Laura Rimmer is our Keto Alkaline Life Coach and we are PROUD to have her. We think she should be your coach too! In her own words . . .

A keto diet with plenty of alkaline electrolytes has been scientifically proven to work with your body’s optimum acid-alkaline pH balance, to spark the natural healing process and also to turn off your fat genes. Sound unbelievable? Well it’s actually a scientifically-proven fact by extremely credible and independent medical research studies by people like Dr Thomas Seyfried, Dr David Perlmutter and Professor Timothy Noakes (who’s appeared as a guest on my podcast).

Laura has some great FREE resources for you when you take her free 5-day "Keto Alkaline Diet" Challenge. You'll get:

  • 38-page Alkaline Diet Recipe eBook & Keto Alkaline 5 Day Challenge
  • Keto Diet Foods List
  • Alkaline Foods List
  • Regular online live health and alkaline diet masterclasses where you can ask your specific diet and health questions
  • Private Facebook community with lots of resources and video training (including ones on alkaline water).
WANT TO: Loose Weight & Brain Fog, Gain More Energy, Get Healthy? Laura can help! - and it's free saving you thousands in consulting!
Accept The Challenge!Read more about the Keto Alkaline Diet
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More on the benefits of ALKALIZING

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Measuring pH

Is your body pH balanced? Find out by testing!

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Alkaline Water

Should you pay for alkaline water? We’d recommend you check with your local water supply first. If the pH of your water is over pH8, don’t bother. Save the plastic! Hydrogen? That's a different matter.

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Alkaline Diet And Health

The Alkaline Diet has had a somewhat varied history. The basic science is sound. One should endeavor to consume more alkaline-forming foods and less acid-forming foods. An acid or alkaline forming food is one that causes acid or alkalis to be added to the net acid/alkaline balance in the body.