Become an AlkaWay Dealer
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At a fifth the cost of an electronic ionizer, with 10x better filtration and 3x more infused molecular hydrogen with our flagship product the Ultrastream, you can now offer your customers and clients filtered, hydrogen-rich, alkaline ionized water right from their faucet.

Safer because of the "extreme" filtration.
Healthier because of what UltraStream puts back in.

With 18+ years of experience living the alkaline lifestyle and selling every electronic ionizer on the market, we’ve discovered a few things you’re probably experiencing yourself: for every $2,500 to $4,000 electronic ionizer sold, you’ll have 10 to 15 people walk away because of the price. That’s why we created the natural made as close to nature as possible without using electronics Ultrastream.

We can provide your customers all the pre-sales and post-sells support while you’re learning about our product line through scheduled webinars and training.

After becoming a certified reseller and setup on our system, you’ll be able to log-in to the reseller portal and easily place your own orders from our catalog when you want. You can even have us drop-ship to your customers at no additional charge.

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