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The Supplement of the Decade.

A dissolvable tablet that in our tests have seen up to 2.6 ppm of Molecular Hydrogen (H2), about 5 times the normal output of a high end $4,000 electronic water ionizer. Unlike the vast majority of supplements, Molecular Hydrogen does not interfere with our natural processes within the body, but supports it as the smallest molecule in the world, penetrating even the deepest points of our cells. I Love H2 Increases physical energy, endurance, recovery and relieves pain, for a healthier, happier and longer lasting you. For the Nutritional Information visit this page.

2 bottles save $10.
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12-pak save $140.

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Water isn't everything, but considering it's the second nutrition we take into our bodies to sustain life... it's pretty important.

The body can live for five weeks without food but only 5 days without water. Not all water is created equal, and different types provide different benefits to your body. Take any water you have, drop in I LOVE H2, and you've now turned your average beverage into energizing nutrition for you body. More hydrogen means more therapeutic results, which can lead to less pain, less stress and more energy. Please visit the Molecular Hydrogen Institute’s website to find out why the healthcare industry is so excited about this supplement of the decade.

What exactly is Molecular Hydrogen?

Molecular Hydrogen is two atoms joined together to form the smallest molecular in the world. When it enters the body through water, H2 has the unique ability to penetrate every cell and unite with ‘eligible’ free radicals, plus perform all of the other functions it has been shown to possess. With over 700 scientific studies of its health benefits since 2007, infusion of Molecular Hydrogen proves itself to be one of the most efficient ways to improve performance.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: I LOVE H2 is simple. Fill a 16 oz. glass or metal bottle to the top and add one or two I LOVE H2 tabs. Immediately close the cap and wait 10-20 minutes. Open and drink all the water in bottle at once (pound it!).

Hydrogen on the go

We all can't carry our ionizers and water filters with us for nutritious hydration. I LOVE H2 is an affordable high quality solution that goes everywhere you do.


"If you give the body what it needs, it will heal itself." I LOVE H2 works with your body's natural healing processes to produce several therapeutic benefits.


I LOVE H2 is a sports supplement you shouldn't be without. I LOVE H2 gives you a leading edge on endurance, recovery and pain free performance.

“The H2 Tabs are just amazing. I’ve been using them a little over a month. Since then I’ve been trying to push myself harder at the gym… they work!

I’ve shared the tabs with others at the gym and they are getting some of the same results. Now I use 3-4 tabs in my water throughout the day.”

~ KF Redondo USA

“Inflammation? Amazing results! Saves my knee from swelling up after higher impact movement. Alertness? Wow, laser focus when I use it.” -Keenan White AUS

Each tablet contains an ionic hydrogen matrix comprised of:

Malic Acid
Fumaric acid

Magnesium 50 mg comprised of:
Magnesium oxideMagnesium malateMaltose

The scientific studies suggest that there are 3 main therapeutic uses:

Anti Inflammation
Selective antioxidant
Support of cell signaling
(the body’s own natural detox & repair system).

Do your supplements have that?

Listen below to hear how I LOVE H2 is changing lives and helping people live life to the fullest.


I was told about I LOVE H2 by a 60+ yr old man who talked about his increased reps at the gym and overall recovery from hard sessions. He radiated good health and told me of increases in a very short time in many of his gym exercises. As a 45 year old busy mother to three teenage boys I have a great interest in anything that will not only increase my running performance, yet also help my energy levels and recovery.

Last weekend I competed in the SMH half marathon in Sydney. Quite a challenging course through hills and bends of the streets of harbour side Sydney. At my first available chance after the event I started my twice daily I LOVE H2 on Tuesday afternoon and I noted by Thursday I didn’t seem to have the same post half marathon lethargy nor general inflammation around the joints.”
~Tanja Branson, AUS

“It’s exciting because it actually works."

It’s not like caffeine – it doesn’t give you any major kind of buzz. It makes you feel normal after doing things where you shouldn’t feel normal.”


Biochemist Tyler LeBaron, Founder, Molecular Hydrogen Foundation
“I think this is one of the most amazing and important discoveries that science has come across because it appears to be so simple, so easy, so easily acceptable and to have so many benefits.”