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Health Coach & Author Laura Rimmer

Hi, I’m Laura Rimmer (née Wilson) - great to meet you!

I am an alkaline diet and keto diet Nutritionist and expert health coach of over 10 years, author of the internationally acclaimed book, ‘The Alkaline 5 Diet’ published by Hay House and host of the weekly podcast ‘Eternal Health’ on iTunes.

I can help you achieve a slim, healthy, pain-free body and live with abundant energy and vitality - no matter where you are now and even if you’ve struggled for a number of years. I am living proof of this - going from overweight, unfit smoker in my early 20’s to lean, fit ultra-marathon runner in my late 30s.

I have been using the Ultrastream for a few years and absolutely love it and the great work that the Alkaway team are doing!

I am passionate about helping YOU to have great health by reducing the toxins in your diet and life, fixing your metabolism and gut health and avoiding the pitfalls of the unhealthy world we live in today. You could say I am obsessed about researching, living and coaching natural health practices and following a lower-carbohydrate (or fully ‘keto’) diet, rich in alkaline minerals to give you more joy and freedom in your life - something we all want more of, right?!

A keto diet with plenty of alkaline electrolytes has been scientifically proven to work with your body’s optimum acid-alkaline pH balance, to spark the natural healing process and also to turn off your fat genes. Sound unbelievable? Well it’s actually a scientifically-proven fact by extremely credible and independent medical research studies by people like Dr Thomas Seyfried, Dr David Perlmutter and Professor Timothy Noakes (who’s appeared as a guest on my podcast).

I’ve helped thousands of people to improve their diet and health since 2008 and have coached hundreds of people personally to reach their ideal weight, embrace a healthy diet (without feeling restricted or falling off the wagon and going back to old unhealthy ways of eating) and in many cases reverse serious diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Crohn’s, Leaky Gut, Ulcerative Colitis, Psoriasis, Acid Reflux/GERD, Acne, High Blood Pressure and to lose up to 50lbs in a matter of months (you can see lots of testimonials on my website).

I have some great free resources for you:

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- FREE Keto Diet Foods List

- FREE Alkaline Foods List

- FREE regular online live health and alkaline diet masterclasses where you can ask your specific diet and health questions

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I look forward to connecting with you and helping you achieve your diet and health goals!


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