100 Studies of Alkaline Water

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Is there really such a thing as totally pure water? Not really. Almost all water contains at least some amount of minerals. But.. assuming you could have pure water.. would it be the best choice?

Beyond simple minerals, your drinking water may also contain tiny amounts of microorganisms and contaminants that don’t necessarily pose a health threat. Some of the flavor of water comes from these substances - believe it or not.

The problem isn’t just with your public water treatment facility.

Water can become impure after it leaves a treatment plant, on its way to your tap.

Silt, sediment and other contaminants can build up inside water mains and household plumbing, or leaks may contaminate a whole pipeline. There’s a famous case of the "bubbling grave" where a pipeline had burst under a graveyard. Yes, it lost water into the grave but it also absorbed contaminated water back into the water mains! Beyond that, there are things like runoff from storms, pesticides and acid rain that can affect your water.

So is pure water the best thing you can drink? Actually, no.

The World Health Organization is only one of many bodies that make the point that alkaline mineralized water is healthier.

The overarching conclusion of the meta-study above is that alkaline water is better.

Naturally, BAD contaminants need removing, and the truth that over 200 cities have lead-contaminated water poisoning people at this very moment is chilling. We are committed to creating water systems that don’t just retain beneficial minerals, but also exclude the usual line up of villains like chlorine, chloramines and fluoride, but also lead, heavy metals, arsenic, pharmaceuticals - the modern water scourge you won’t hear about.

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