6 Important Things You Need To Know About Water Ionizers

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Here are my six really, really really important points you do need to know. If you take notice of what I have to say, you will be able to sample the benefits promised by water ionizer vendors with a very low investment, and you might even save thousands of dollars.

(I’m going to give them to you now so you won’t HAVE to go down this rather long page to get them.)

  1. The ‘added extras’ aren’t what most water ionizer owners use on a daily basis.
  2. You are sacrificing a lot of water purity with most water ionizers.
  3. Certifications aren’t what they seem.
  4. A story on the web is just that: a story, and probably does not mean it will work for you.
  5. Water Ionizers have NOT overcome the Calcium Problem.
  6. You CAN try before you buy.

Now the details.

The ‘Added Extras’ aren’t what most water ionizer owners actually end up using

You’ll hear a lot about ‘5 different kinds of water’ you can get from some water ionizers.

Yes, you can vary the pH over a wide range and at the extreme ends of the scale (pH 2.5 and pH 11.5) there are some household uses that you can avail yourself of particularly antibacterial.

But just have a think on this:

If you discovered a single, simple kitchen device that created acidic water that killed bacteria, what would you pay for it? After all, your decision would be based solely on what value that acidic bleach-like water had for you in your daily kitchen routine, right?

So  $100? $200?

I wouldn’t pay any more because I know it’s a simple device and anyone can SEE it’s a simple device. But you are considering paying from $4000 to $5000 for a water ionizer and its big point of difference - its perceived value is its ability to create pH 2.5 water.

I conclusively prove on the link below that you can get the same water for less than $200 plus fabulous H2 for as little as $60 or in a water system, $700.

So… you tell me? Why are you paying 3-4 thousand dollars extra just to get water that is a form of bleach? (HOCl)

Here’s a short video demonstrating what I’m talking about.


With most water ionizers you will sacrifice water purity

Most water ionizers have pretty er . . . basic filtration. About the same as what you’d buy in a ‘Big Box’ store. They use the most basic form of filtration - granular carbon - which won’t help you protect yourself from the 600+ contaminants still unlisted by the FDA - but present in your water right now.

This isn’t usually talked about by water ionizer salesmen for fairly obvious reasons.

Their basic filter costs around $120 to replace after six months but does the same as a $20 Big Box store bought filter that will last for a year!

What usually happens is that the buyer learns all this after purchase at which point the salesman introduces them to the range of prefilters necessary to bring the ionizer’s water filtering ability up to what is a modern minimum standard.

To filter heavy metals, chloramines and fluoride you’ll be up for many hundreds more a year plus you’ll have to surrender a couple of square feet on your kitchen counter-top AND have the difficulty of never knowing which of your four filters is or is not expired.

This short video demonstrates what you may be faced with.

The Good News is that for far less money you can have filtration efficiency far beyond what you’ll get for many thousands of dollars more. Get it here. Rest easy knowing you have the finest filtration available – for every drop you drink.

Filter Certifications aren’t always what they are represented to be

You’ll see all sorts of certifications of filter ability as you enter the sales process.

Many certifications are a bit like McDonald's advertising approval from the Heart Healthy people.

It’s a business. It sells certifications.

‘Gold Standard’ sounds good but can be for the most basic ‘cosmetic’ filtration ability.

Further, all certifications from countries we don’t reside in have to be viewed with serious , especially when language or distance prevents us from checking their veracity. On the other hand, a test by a contactable independent laboratory is worth gold, especially if the test of filtration ability has been done over the expected life of the filter rather than one sample from a new filter. The basic forms of filters used by most water ionizer vendors degrade in performance from day one.

I’m still flabbergasted our UltraStream is fully tested to the life of its filter PLUS to the stringent EU safety standard. Check it here. Today it’s great to KNOW that what you are drinking from is safe in every way (update: March 2016: UltraStream submitted to Griffith University for hormone testing).

Learn more about water testing and what to ask for here.

A story on the web is a story. It does NOT mean it will work the same for you

We’ve been supplying water ionizers for 16 years. OK, in the early days all we had was stories.

But here’s the facts. It is highly illegal to even infer that my story of healing from any medical condition using ionized water will apply to you.

All we had was stories because there was virtually no science. Or more to the point, the correlation between alkaline water and healing was er … tenuous at best.

But here’s the FACTS behind the ‘news’:

The science was correct but the reason for the healing was wrong!

It wasn’t alkalinity, or ORP, or micro-clustering that was showing these beneficial results in scientific studies. It was Molecular Hydrogen! And it was only in the last year that the water ionizer industry has been alerted to this principally through the efforts of one young man, Tyler LeBaron, scientist on a mission. He didn’t just learn the truth: he broadcast it and even began testing water ionizers to see how good they were at producing molecular hydrogen.

But you’ll still hear the old stories from most water ionizer salesman extolling the virtues of micro-clustering and ORP.

Listen carefully. If they are still talking about ORP and micro-clustering they are WRONG.

One last point on alkalinity. We have a downloadable meta study of 100 scientific studies of the effects of alkaline minerals in drinking water and there is indisputable evidence in these studies from all over the world that it’s healthier to drink alkaline water than neutral or ’empty’ water. Many health conditions are evidenced in the studies. So it was this evidence that fueled the industry but it isn’t the BIG active ingredient, which is H2.

The Good News is that we have plenty of stories like everybody but we also have the science! Go here to order your UltraStream now OR look at the science here and satisfy yourself before you purchase.

Need MORE info? Go here to download a free 18-page report on the therapeutic benefit science behind molecular hydrogen.

Water Ionizers have NOT conquered the Calcium Problem

Vast areas of the world get alkaline water from their kitchen taps. Most of the USA falls into this category.
Most of America and Europe have a thriving industry supplying chemical-based water softening devices to cope with this problem. But electric water ionizers have not overcome the problem calcium causes.

When water of say, pH 7.5 (a pretty typical pH for a municipal supply) enters your home it contains acidic chlorine and alkaline calcium added by your water board to balance out the acidity of the chlorine.

If you have a white encrustation at the outlet of your tap, or a white film on your shower, or in your kettle, you already have a calcium problem.

When high calcium water enters an electric water ionizer 2 things happen

(a) The calcium is separated into the output stream, thus concentrating it. Now calcium is even higher in your water.

(b) As the pH of your water rises as a result of electrolysis, the calcium in your water changes its state from being in solution, into a suspended form. In this state it gets very ‘sticky’ and begins to attach to anything it passes through. The accretion you noticed on your kitchen tap goes into overdrive in your electric water ionizer. And as it accretes (just one molecule attaching is followed by two, then four, then eight, then sixty four - get the picture?) the tubes inside your ionizer begin to block up. As that happens (this was our experience with the electric systems we supplied) the electronics begin to fail because the flow rate they expect is not possible. At worst, the electrolysis cell blocks up and needs replacement. All this = $$$!

So what have the electric ionizer people done to overcome or work around the problem?

Simple. They make it your problem.

One big MLM claims in its web pages it has absolutely overcome the problem. Then they tell you in their warranty that hard (high calcium) water is NOT covered by their warranty.

The other big MLM company insists on you sending your ionizer to them regularly so they can check and clean it out at your expense.

Others offer ‘lifetime warranties’ that end when the ionizer model is changed.

I was recently in Japan talking to the biggest water ionizer company in Japan and they are absolutely firm on the fact that they will NOT sell into hard (calcium) water regions of the world. As founder of Alkaway I also speak from experience here. I would NOT repeat the episodes we had with high calcium damage to our electric water ionizers!

The Good News is that UltraStream doesn’t have a calcium problem. You’ll rest easy assured of years of pure hydrogen rich water. Go here to order yours.

The Good News is that you can start enjoying the benefits of what’s important, molecular hydrogen in just days by ordering I LOVE H2 now.

You CAN try before you spend big dollars

We all want to see if it works for us before we invest our hard earned money so it’s important to know what it is that ‘works’ in a water ionizer.

Is it the alkalinity? Yes, but that’s not enough to explain the health effects we’ve seen.
Is it the micro-clustering? It’s scientifically unproven. Not one study supporting it.
Is it the ionization? No.
Is it the ORP? No. ORP is just an indicator of what really matters.

So what is it that works and has so many health effects?

It’s Molecular Hydrogen. H2. Hydrogen gas. Diatomic hydrogen. Two conjoined atoms of hydrogen making one stable molecule.

It’s available in a number of ways, but there’s a big proviso. The more H2 you get in one ‘dose’, the greater the effect. Sip ionized water all day and you’ll get little to no effect. Take a BIG swig and you’ll be more likely to get the sort of effect you’ve read about. H2 has been studied in depth for its selective antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti allergenic and cell signalling support properties.

The top end in $$$ is an electric water ionizer costing anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000. The lower end is about $60 for tablets that make it internally. You can try them and see if H2 works for you.

March 2016: News Flash; an excellent link proving our point (Tyler LeBaron’s molecular hydrogen website).

Now here’s what baffles me even after 16 years

There are many, many people who seem convinced that the higher the price, the better the product.

I‘ve concluded that these people are ‘lazy’ buyers who have let this myth take the place of good old fashioned questioning of the vendor.

Perhaps they are scared because they don’t understand what the salesman says about ionized water and so just take the easy way out.

Either way, it’s exacerbated by the fact that most water ionizers are sold via MLM. The buyer is also being sold the possibility that if he or she pays top dollar then perhaps he or she can recoup it by persuading others to be just as silly!

I admit it. My cynical nature is showing through! But the fact is that you have a less than one percent chance of recouping your investment in an MLM ionizer sold through MLM. That’s the official stats.

(See my post: ‘The Kangen Story“)

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with water ionizers from MLM companies. They are just wa-a-a-y overpriced.

Trying before buying makes much more sense

And now you know the ‘active ingredient’ you can look at how to get that active ingredient - Molecular Hydrogen AKA H2 - without paying thousands of dollars. Having tested and proven your response to H2, you’ll make a more experience and education-based choice of how to get it.

The Good News is that you can now get the health result of many times more molecular hydrogen in your filtered water for many times less money here!

Or go here to order your molecular hydrogen tablets - try before you buy.

In Summary . . .

No matter what I say, many people will go ahead and spend many thousands.
Having done so, they will usually say they ‘made a good decision’.

That’s the nature of human behavior. Having made a decision, especially a high cost one, our ‘justifying response’ comes into play.

So to those people, good luck. You have bought a great technology even if you did pay far too much.

When people call me up to ask me about these points I am proud to say that they often tell me that I’m the only guy they talked to who knows what he’s talking about, and that our website reflects this fact. That’s very nice, but my real satisfaction comes when one of our 11,000 natural water ionizer customers sends us their story about the changes in their health and lifestyle that they attribute to drinking our water.

Please let us know if this was helpful to you. More than anything else, the team here at AlkaWay USA want people everywhere to have the benefits of alkaline hydrogen rich water - no matter what the vehicle you choose!

What you can do now

Read on to:

  • learn about the alternatives to a water ionizer that will give you plenty of H2.
  • learn to get all you need in filtration PLUS H2 in a water systems.
  • learn learn how to completely overcome the calcium bugaboo.

Go HERE to find out about testing and what to ask for.

Go HERE to download a free 18-page report on the therapeutic benefit science behind molecular hydrogen.

Alternatives to an electric water ionizer that will give you plenty of hydrogen rich water.

Being researchers and suppliers we are not bound to one form of molecular hydrogen production. That allows me to tell you the ALL of how to get or sample H2.

In our experience the effectiveness of H2 is related to dosage. Because H2 is the smallest molecule in the universe it travels freely through our body. For it to have an effect we must have enough H2 in our body at any one time for the effect to happen. It’s similar to the difference between one and two aspirin.

So drinking a whole glass of hydrogen rich water will have far more effect than sipping it. More H2 gets into you faster.

Obviously, the amount of H2 in a substance is critical. The more H2, the better.

The graph below shows the relative percentages of H2 in or generated by each method. Wherever possible we’ve used actual laboratory results. The best performer is shown with the largest blue graph line. Both water ionizers are based on one liter poured at 1 liter per minute, tested by AquaSciences LLC.

What does this mean?

It means that if I drink 1 liter of water from either of the first two water ionizers, I will get the amount shown. If I order the more expensive unit, I would have to drink almost 4 litres of water from it to equal the H2 in one glass of the UltraStream.

From our experience, we have seen some people drink a lot of water with no effect, but when they changed their source of H2 and got a higher dose, amazing things began to happen. The third line refers to a new way to get H2. It’s in tablet form. The tablet has a high purity form of magnesium that reacts in water to produce H2 gas. It’s been measured at 2.5ppm, meaning one tablet is hugely more effective than a liter of the expensive ionizer water. Three I LOVE H2 tablets are more effective than FIVE liters of the expensive ionizer water and even better than UltraStream’s 1.1 ppm rating.

If you want the effects of Molecular Hydrogen you can try it out with a bottle of I LOVE H2 tablets.

Now let’s look at the cost of each alternative.

First, the upfront cost:

And then the repetitive

We’ve based it on 3 x daily dose of 1.5ppm of molecular hydrogen.

That’s 15 litres of Kangen ionizer water, 1.5 litres of UltraStream ionizer water, and 1 tablet of I LOVE H2 daily.

Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it?

Find out if H2 is going to work for you by starting on the I LOVE H2 tablets. If it works, grab yourself the better H2 producer and far less expensive alternative, the UltraStream.

A Small Caution

I do need to add something important here. Just because a device, be it a jug, a portable bottle, a water filter creates alkaline water, does NOT mean it gives you molecular hydrogen. So if you are looking at other alternatives under the general term of alkalizer, be aware. They won’t give you what you want. They may improve your health because suddenly you are drinking better, more alkaline water, but they cannot deliver the Golden egg - molecular hydrogen.

What do you think about this? We’d love to hear from you.

How to get all you need in filtration

We’ve discussed filtration already but haven’t gone into detail other than to say that the big seller electric water ionizers have very basic filtration.

I don’t want to bore you with long lists of contaminants removed. I’ll just say that if the people selling a water ionizer to you can’t produce an independent contactable laboratory report by a NATA licenced lab, well then . . ?

I mean, if you have a good filter, why wouldn’t you test it and have the test for everyone to peruse? It makes sense to me. How about you?

Finally, if that test isn’t for the expected life of the filter, (a calculated number of litres of use for a typical family of users - usually around 3000 litres per year) why isn’t it? Why didn’t they spend the small extra amount to demonstrate to you that their filter will be working efficiently on the last day of the year as well as the first?

We spent a LOT of money to get UltraStream tested by an Australian University laboratory for over 3500 litres. The report is available in our reports section on this site. And guess what? To the best of our knowledge we have THE ONLY ‘life of filter’ test result in the industry!

Now let’s make comparing filters simple

Here’s what our system does in graphic form. Perhaps you can use this to ask your ionizer salesman what his takes out.


All water ionizer vendors test to "some" degree.

If (as I’ve already said,) they use a reputable contactable laboratory, all the better. If they have wonderful sounding ‘badges’ of efficiency like “Gold Standard’ or the like, look it up. You’ll be surprised at what it does and does not mean. But that’s just the water we’re talking about.

What about the molecular hydrogen?

We are way ahead of the pack here because we were the first ever client of AquaSciences, the only laboratory in the world specializing in testing H2 levels in water ionizers. Testing for H2 levels isn’t easy and the test protocol used by AquaSciences in the only place outside of Japan that it is available. ASK any vendor you are talking to SHOW you their test results. You can look at ours on this link.

Molecular Hydrogen: The Science

There are now over 700 scientific studies on the effects of molecular hydrogen. There are 120+ studies relating to actual medical conditions. You can peruse all of them here. I would like to think that having read this you are fully convinced and enthusiastic about how H2 may help you or your loved ones.
To download our own molecular hydrogen test report from AquaSciences Lab, go here.

The ‘Calcium Bugaboo’

If you search on Google you’ll find plenty of pics of water ionizer electrolysis plates that are caked with calcium. Competitor companies post them of their opposition, but as I mentioned, it’s a universal problem solved in many ways, all to your detriment.

Two ‘Do-able’ Solutions

1. There are devices you can add to your electric water ionizer that change the form of the calcium prior to it entering your ionizer. We sell a great little unit that won’t just fix your water ionizer problem. It will also fix your teapot calcium build up, your shower screen build up, your hot water service will get years more life, your swimming pool chemicals will dramatically reduce, and your garden will thank you every day. The price varies but start at $400. The one that also protects the pool costs more. The technology used has been around for a long time. The unit we use and recommend has sold over 100,000 units in the last thirty years. So if you really are decided on an electric ionizer, it will pay you in many ways to contact us to find out more and order one of these devices.

2. Simple. Don’t buy an electric water ionizer. The natural non-electric UltraStream water ionizer has no plates, no electronics, no inner tubing and does not concentrate the alkaline minerals. It simply filters superbly then uses its own on-board in-filter minerals to create hydrogen and alkalize.

Thank you for your time!

I hope I have been of help. Don’t get discouraged if what you thought, or what you have been told is now in doubt. All that means is that you are now better educated and better qualified to make the right choice and begin your own health journey with hydrogen rich water or supplements.

I want to also say that things are happening very fast in the H2 niche. So fast that we are amazed at what will be available very soon. More H2, more health power. We have been trialling these new technologies for the last year and are ecstatic about what we have coming. They will give you more portability, more H2 power and less cost. Of course they will work as an adjunct to your water system, keeping you hydrated and with that high H2 supply available at all times.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!

Ian Blair Hamilton / Co-founder Alkaway Australia

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