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The Importance Of Clean Water

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So there you have it. The condition of your water as it relates to your requirements. And of course we’re most interested in your “health” requirements.

Water is the most important thing for a human being because without water, human beings cannot live. Water means safe water, healthy water. Water we can drink that nourishes us. You may of heard us say it before but we're going to say it again:

Water isn't everything, but considering it's the second nutrition we take into our bodies to sustain life, it's pretty important.

So what’s the 1st nutrition we take into our bodies to sustain life? Air. Yes air.
And lately it’s been coming up a lot along with people's concern for the quality of water they're drinking. We’re looking at providing quality air purification systems because frankly, people are starting to ask for them along with whole-house water filtration.

The problem with TDS

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids and refers to the amount of organic and inorganic dissolved substances that may be found in your water, such as minerals, metals and salts. Basically it’s everything present in water other than pure H2O and suspended solids.

In terms of Total Dissolved Solids as of this writing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises against consuming water containing more than 500mg/liter, otherwise known as 500 parts per million (ppm). We have found, and most health specialists agree, the ideal drinking water should be under 50 ppm or lower. Anything over 50 ppm and it’s hard to get the water to taste good.

The harm to human health and the environment

Water covers well over 70% of the Earth's surface. Water quality is important because it directly affects the health of people, animals and plants that drink or otherwise utilize the water. When water quality is compromised, its usage puts users at risk of developing health complications. The environment also suffers when the quality of water is low.

Yet freshwater is essential for life. Plants, animals, and humans all need fresh water to survive. We use it for drinking, to irrigate crops, as part of sanitation systems, and in industrial factories, to name a few.

Here’s What We Found Out

Most U.S. citizens are dehydrated leading to all sorts of health conditions. You can’t drink coffee, sports drinks, wine, beer or anything else except pure, clean water to hydrate. The body works differently depending on if it’s pure water (detoxifying, hydrating, nourishing) the cells of the body vs. having to deal with processed water (think bottled and tap water), processed liquids etc. and I mean “deal with” as the body doesn't recognize them as nutrition and thus - stores them in the fatty cells of our bodies. Yuck.

So the bottom line . . . Drink Up with fresh, clean water. Preferably Hydrogen Rich Antioxidant Alkaline Water!

DOWNLOAD EPA Fact Sheet: Clean Water Rules for Communities