It’s Not Just What It Takes Out It’s Also What It Puts In That Makes It So Amazing

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Extreme Filtration

Removes Heavy Metals, Toxins, Bacteria, Chlorine, Chloramines and Fluoride

(tested for the life of the filter) plus hundreds more toxins in our water.

Advanced Alkalizing

An alkaline water filter with essential calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals for perfect pH balance.

Leading Performance

Outperforms electric ionizers costing thousands and has more molecular hydrogen.

Hydrogen Enriching

Over 700 scientific studies validate health benefits from infused hydrogen!

World Class Filtration

We only had one chance at excellence.

We spent two years in design, supported by our 16+ years (est. 2000) experience in water ionization. We firmly believe we have made the best water filter, ionizer, alkalizer and hydrogen system money can buy.

Designed in Australia, made in California, the home of the world’s best water filtration engineers.

Our commitment:

To create the world’s best natural water ionizer and hydrogen dispenser.
To help MORE people by making H2 MORE affordable.
To make products that DO NOT become obsolete.

With our 6,000th unit now delivered, we can proudly say we’ve done it. We’ve changed the market. People no longer need to spend thousands of dollars for hydrogen-infused pure, delicious water.

And our laboratory proven results demonstrate that it was all worth it. Look closely. Every part of the UltraStream has design, safety and simplicity within it.

UltraStream isn’t like any other water ionizer. Our long (and sometimes painful!) experience has shown us that maintaining an electric water ionizer is not nearly as easy as a natural water ionizer like the UltraStream.

UltraStream has no transformer, internal plumbing, flow sensors, diodes,  SMPS systems, electrolysis chamber, or electronics.

Because the hydrogen and alkalizing system is our special O-Dobi media within the actual filter, every time you replace a filter you effectively get a new water ionizer!

The UltraStream is the first water ionizer in the world to have life-of-filter independent laboratory filter testing. No water ionizer has ever revealed the performance of their filter over its expected life before. The UltraStream is the only water ionizer certified for stringent European safety standards. The UltraStream is the first water ionizer in the world to be submitted for laboratory tested for hydrogen production efficiency.


It's not just what it takes out

It’s what it puts in that makes it so great!

Tested for Life

To ensure we really do deliver the best water - month, after month, after month -  we had the UltraStream tested at an independent accredited water test laboratory for the expected life of the filter (over 3000 liters, that’s 8 liters a day for a year).

View Test Results Here

Unique 8 step natural filtration process

7 - Crystal Quartz

Crystal Quartz’s unique piezoelectric effect helps to softens the water and stabilizes the Oxidation/Reduction Potential to give you the best tasting, fully energized water.

6 - O-Dobi Beads

It’s been a long time coming with many false starts. O-Dobi beads were discovered after a decade-long search  for the perfect hydrogen and alkalizing natural media.

O-Dobi  is a ceramic encasing pure magnesium and calcium. It slowly releases these elements to alkalize and to infuse the water with hydrogen gas. Tested to show 3x the hydrogen delivery of a $4000 electric ionizer.

5 - Ceramic Magnets

We discovered that Ceramic Magnets stabilize pH in the water by creating a strong magnetic field. Positioned after the O-Dobi to maintain its effect.

4 - Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a semiprecious gem. It has the unique ability to soften water and impart far infrared energy. We’ve used it in our electric systems for many years with excellent water ‘polishing’ results. Sweeter, softer and delicious.

3 - Catalytic Carbon

Our Catalytic Carbon is the best filtration carbon in the world with up to 8 times the surface area of ordinary granular carbon. Most activated carbon filters only remove chlorine. Catalytic Carbon also removes chloramines and far more VOC’s (volatile organics compounds) plus all of the usual problematic toxins like volatile organics, trihalomethanes, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and more.

2 - KDF-85

Patented KDF-85 is the best way to remove and neutralizes heavy metals in your water.  It also reduces the effects of hard water and controls bacteria within the filter. It’s also the most expensive filtration media in the world.

1 - Activated Alumina

Activated Alumina is not to be confused with Aluminum. It’s actually the same substance as Ruby and Sapphires. Our life of filter tests show up to 70% reduction in fluoride. Fluoride is one of the hardest compounds to remove from water and a 70% reductions will drastically reduce your daily exposure to fluoride.

Filter Pads

One Micron Filter Pads between each layer separate filter medias and protect against carbon ‘fines’ leaking into your water.

Easy to Install

On Your Countertop

UltraStream easily connects to most kitchen taps - or install it under-sink with our compatible design under-sink mounting kit and special vented faucet.

Under Your Sink with a Nice Brushed Nickel Faucet

The UltraStream under-sink mounting bundle or upgrade kit has everything you need to go under-sink with a manual written by the design team here at AlkaWay!

What is Alkaline Ionized Water?

Simply stated, Alkaline water is water that is less acidic than regular tap water. This means it is rich in alkalizing minerals, including calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. The UltraStream adds calcium and magnesium. The UltraStream produces un-buffered alkaline water around pH 9.5-10, Our own research indicates this to be the ideal pH range for the human body.

Quick Science Lesson

What is pH?

Before we can explain we need to talk about the amazing properties of water. We all know from science class that water is H20 but this is only half the story. Water is in constant  transition between H20 and OH- / H+. So very basically pH is a measurement of the ratio of OH- and H+ in the water, where at 7 the ratio is equal.

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Hydrogen Revolution

For over a decade we believed that the high pH of the water was the benefit of ionized water. We were wrong. Over 700 studies, mainly from Japan, show that dissolved molecular hydrogen is the active ingredient in UltraStream water.

We have discovered (to our delight) that UltraStream produces far more molecular hydrogen than electronic ionizer worth 5 times the price.

After a decade long search, we believe we’ve found our answer for producing life-giving water.

UltraStream employs a special Japanese media called O-Dobi.

O-Dobi reacts naturally with UltraStream water to create infused Molecular Hydrogen.

Molecular Hydrogen infused in water is the subject of over 700 scientific studies of its benefits.*

Quick Science Lesson

Molecular hydrogen (H2) or diatomic hydrogen is a tasteless, inert odorless gas. Go here for over 700 peer-reviewed articles demonstrating molecular hydrogen’s therapeutic potential in essentially every organ of the human body and in 150 different human disease models.

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Ionized Water

Depending upon your water source composition,  UltraStream produces an O.R.P. reading down to -500mw. This is a strong indication of its possible antioxidant power. (Positive ‘+’ ORP = oxidized power).

Quick Science Lesson

Whats is ORP, or Oxidation Reactions Potential? It’s a measurement of water’s ability to oxidize contaminants. The lower the ORP, the greater the number of anti-oxidizing agents.

Learn more

3 Year Warranty

*We cannot guarantee 12 months or 3000 litres filter life. All water filters are dependent upon the quality of your water source, and will fail if excessive contaminants and sediment enter the filter (unless there is a manufacturer defect).

Complete Test Results

Full testing for the entire filter life. Those reports are HERE.

Laboratory tested to NATA standard by an Australian University. The only ‘whole of life’ filter efficiency test of any ionizer in the world. Because we know our customers demand to know!
Hydrogen Infusion Test Results
At normal flow rates exceeds electric ionizers H2 capability many times the price by a factor of over three.
European Safety Certification
The only water Ionizer in the world with stringent EU Certification.
Please visit our support website here for the most current FAQs.

Tech Specs


Optimal Flow Rate: 1 Liter/minute

Minimum pressure: 35 kPa (5 psi)

Optimal inflow pH: 6.8-7.2

Best inflow temp: 2-40°C

Dimensions: 13cm (5”) dia, 32cm high (12”)

Net Weight: 3.5 KG (7.7 lbs.)

Plastic: ABS FDA Approved (BPA Free)

Output pH: up to pH 10, Varies with water types.

Output ORP: down to -500mV Varies with water types.

Hydrogen Infusion: 1.1ppm at 1L/min Varies with water types and flow

Filter Life: 3000 liters (can vary depending on water quality)

UltraStream Countertop Model (default) includes

1 x UltraStream

1 x Spout

1 x Flow Diverter

1 x pH Reagent Test Kit

3 x Flow Diverter Adapters

1 x Inlet Hose

1 x Installation & User Manual

Will fit standard faucet sizes 21mm & 23mm, (13/16-Inch & 15/16-Inch) both male & female (more adapters sizes available)

UltraStream Under-sink Mounting Kit BUNDLE includes

1 x UltraStream Countertop Model (above)


The Under-sink Mounting Kit:

1 x Special Brushed Nickel Vented Faucet w/tubing (our specific vented faucet is required)

1 x Pressure Limiting Valve

1 x John Guest Adapter "removal" tool

1 x Installation and User Manual

What you will need:
A plumber.

Warning: We HIGHLY recommend using a plumber. Alkaway USA and Alkaway in Australia (home office) will NOT assume responsibility because of an improper installation otherwise:

Electric Drill

Metal Hole Saw (we use Sutton 38mm Cobalt BiMetal Hole Saw for stainless steel sinks. We recommend contacting an expert for stone benches.

Masking Tape

2 x Adjustable Spanners

Get my questions answered on the Support website.