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Podcast 009 Tywon Hubbard: H2Minutes


About H2FX, from Tywon's website


Hydrogen gas research for medicinal use is showing extraordinarily promise for only being in its infancy. From a scientific perspective, this simple gas has only been thought of as an inert gas (gas/molecule having an extremely low probability to reacting with other atoms or molecule) having little to no biologic effect or benefits. This viewpoint throughout the scientific community and history lead to only 50 publications worldwide on molecular hydrogen’s medicinal use by the year 2000. However, in the year 2007, the initial spark that turned that viewpoint on it head was the groundbreaking Nature Medicine study, that demonstrated molecular hydrogen can selectively neutralize cytotoxic radicals. This study started the exponential growth of molecular hydrogen studies. Since then, 700 studies have been published showing therapeutic benefits in over 170 human disease models, with zero cytotoxic effect. The knowledge of this and personal anecdotal experiences, lead to years of personal research and reading hundreds of studies. It is our belief that H2 has the potential to be the medical gas of the future and have a major impact in a clinical setting for a diverse range of degenerative illness based off of preliminary research.


It is our goal to bring awareness to molecular hydrogen research. We desire to educate the masses in a simple manner about the promising medical applications and medical properties of molecular hydrogen. In light of the significance of the research that has been done to date and the lack of credible sources online for the hydrogen water industry and scientific information around this topic, we have decided to passionately pursue and develop a company that focuses on the legitimate sciences surrounding molecular hydrogen and the industry in which it exists. We seek to offer a space where individuals can learn about molecular hydrogen and feel confident that the information they are receiving is factual.

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