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The Alkaline Myth the Acid-Alkaline Truth Exposed

For a complete education, watch BOTH videos (53 minutes total) starting with Markus's video at the bottom of the page then watch Ian's. Otherwise, just watch Ian's 22 minute video.

Ian Blair Hamilton, Co-founder at AlkaWay has 18 years experience with alkaline water. In this video he demonstrates how the ALKALINE MYTH AND HYPE Video has helped the progress of the alkaline diet and water debate.

He also shows what Markus Rothkranz and James Sloane missed in their video and where the whole alkaline water and water ionizer debate has come to today.

He shows what they missed, why it's more important than the last 18 years of alkaline water, and what to look forward to for the best of so-called alkaline water and alkaline balance.

Ian Blair Hamilton AlkaWay Global