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How To Find Out What Contaminants Are In Your City Water

This Service Is Way Overdue

Water tests give you a very specific result for your home and is the ONLY "trusted" way you can know what's in your water. But it’s tough for an amateur to get it right because each of the many contaminants has both a health level limit and other variables, such as how it is delivered, that affect the quality of your water. So unless you know what you’re looking at, it’s a tough job to accurately interpret - or even ask for the correct tests.

One option is to take a look at the Environmental Working Group’s lookup database. They will search on your location and pull up an immediate overview of the dangers that may or may not be in your water. But please note: just because they “report” your water is safe, your own specific conditions in the construction of your home “may not” be the same. Lead pipes etc. may affect your water. You can’t know without a good specific water test of your home's water source.

That all being said, if you’re really concerned about your health and the water you're drinking to hydrate and keep healthy, we highly, highly recommend contacting us about having your water tested by what we found to be the #1 testing lab in the country, the National Testing Labs. City water tests range from about $150 to $250 and when purchased through Alkaway USA puts a team of 3 experienced engineers and health experts to review the report and make recommendations. With the results from your specific report, if there’s a problem, chances are we’ll have a trusted solution or design one for you.

More about the contaminates? Read Unmask the Truth About Your Drinking Water and then consider getting your water tested here.

John Biethan AlkaWay USA