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Longevity Expert Paulo Fernandes


is a Health Coach certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition of NYC, a specialist in Nutritional Microscopy and is a Certified pH Miracle Center Coach. He is also a Raw Nutrition Coach certified by David Wolfe. He also studied for 3 years to become a Manual Lymphatic Massage specialist.

Paulo is the CEO of New Life Retreats and an international speaker, health coach and consultant. Paulo is 50 years old and has never looked or felt better! His clients include CEO’s, Hollywood stars and people with the greatest challenges.


2015  Max Pulse Therapist Cardiogroup
2013  Biontologist Chiren Therapy Health Angel Institute
2013  Raw Nutrition Biomind Institute - David Wolfe
2012  Health Coach Institute Integrative Nutrition NYC
2010  Advanced Nutritional Microscopy Ph Miracle Center
2008  Basic Nutritional Microscopy Ph Miracle Center
2007  Lymphatic Massage Therapist (Vodder Method) IMT/Lisbon
2007  Lipomodelling w/Bambootherapie IMT/Lisbon
1998  PhD in Business ISCTE/Lisbon
1989  PhD in Sports FMH de Lisboa (Portuguese Navy)


Paulo Fernandes
Mobile: +351964772696
Skype: livebloocoach

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