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H2Minutes Molecular Hydrogen And The Athlete

Originally posted by Ian Hamilton on October 28th, 2017.

Hot on the heels of a story from international cycling athlete Rachel Neylan extolling the virtues of her UltraStream, we have Tywon Hubbard - another accomplished athlete and a very serious researcher and educator of the benefits and applications of molecular hydrogen. Firstly, Rachel:

There is great power in natural elements… the deeper I understand life as a professional athlete the more I value everything I expose my body to.
Water is such a critical part of our lives, a primary way to allow for more negative ions  and H2 to enhance cell metabolism. Drinking from UltraStream is the most effective simple lifestyle strategy to optimise from everyday health to high performance. ~ Rachel Neylan

Here’s Tywon’s video on sporting performance and H2. We love that Tywon manages to educate us all on molecular hydrogen on his YouTube Channel H2Minutes.

Ian Blair Hamilton AlkaWay Global