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Water isn't everything, but considering it's the second nutrition we take into our bodies to sustain life... it's pretty important.

The body can live for five weeks without food but only 5 days without water. Bottled water is processed water. Tap water is processed water. The body doesn't recognize processed food or water as nutrition and stores it in fatty cells. It's not just about drinking water, it's about drinking good, clean, healthy water, and when it tastes good, it makes hydrating a joy.

Pure water is the base for performance...

“I discovered that alkaline water has additional benefits to ordinary filtered water or minerally depleted reverse osmosis water. More research is also becoming available to demonstrate the performance enhancement aspects of hydrogen rich, structured water… red blood cell movement depends on optimal pH and hydration. I’ve been drinking this water for a year now and it’s certainly been the healthiest, happiest, strongest year of my life so far!

Keegan Smith

Head Performance Coach, Sydney Roosters