AlkaWay USA Product


For a Reverse Osmosis w/pressure tank


The Alkalina is NOT a filter. For those with RO, it adds back minerals, high pH, and hydrogen.

Install the AlkaLina For Reverse Osmosis after your existing Reverse Osmosis system (only if you have a pressure tank):

  • Alkalized ionized water
  • Antioxidant Molecular Hydrogen
  • Negative ORP (Oxidative Reduction Potential) of up to -400
  • Alkaline Water of up to pH 9
  • Added Magnesium and a small amount of Calcium in your water
The kit includes:
  • Alkalina Casing including an Alkalina Cartridge
  • Hydrogen Diffuser
  • 1/4″ white connecting hose
  • Wrench to open the casing to replace the Alkalina replacement cartridge
  • Clips to mount filters
  • Manual on how to install the Alkalina Compete to your existing Reverse Osmosis
More Information:
  • The Alkalina cartridge produces 1900- 2300 liters of alkaline, hydrogen-rich water when used with Reverse Osmosis systems.
  • With Pre-filtered water cartridge, life with vary depending on the water source and filtration
  • Makes RO acidic water "alkaline"
  • Makes RO water anti-oxidant water
  • The Alkalina is a specially designed inline cartridge with all of the essential and proven alkalizing and hydrogen producing media of the UltraStream but without the filtration media
  • Alkalizing Media: O-Dobi, Tourmaline, Magnesium, Calcium
  • Quick-Fit Install: John Guest No-tool hose fittings
  • Plastic is EPA approved polypropylene, BPA-Free
  • Made in California, USA.

If you don't have RO then purchase the UltraStream.  The UltraStream not only ionizes, alkalizes and creates molecular hydrogen, but it also filters 10 times better than most filtration systems.

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