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AlkaWay USA Product

e-Shower w/Long Fully Adjustable Arm

70% water savings, $400 a year on average - and feels so good!


e-Shower is the simplest water saving shower head in the world and has revolutionised the water saving industry. In California, the average home uses 21,000 gallons of water a year taking ten-minute showers. e-Shower reduces water consumption by 70% saving about $400 per year easily paying for itself in a few short months.

How it Works

We don't just restrict the flow. We modify and improve the water delivery by our unique Venturi system. The aeration technique delivers an air bubble covered in water. In a normal shower most of the water that hits your body bounces off. In a misting shower much of the water doesn't even touch you! With an e-Shower when the air bubble hits your skin it 'pops' or crumples onto the skin. The water sticks to you. That's the difference!

Say goodbye to nasty chemical calcium cleaners

Our e-Shower is the only shower system in the world I would ever be brave enough to guarantee against calcium clogging.

I admit being amazed that no e-Shower customer has ever reported clogging or hard water problems! Hard water and calcium build up is the single biggest problem of all shower heads: the problem gets bigger and more bothersome as the holes in shower heads get smaller. Calcium collects, accretes and blocks holes when the shower is idle, not when turned on.

Models that emit very fine spray (atomizing or misting) are renowned for clogging and hard water problems. Yet under the same hard water conditions the e-Shower reported no problems!? It was only when I read a scientific study that I realized that the high turbulence caused by the Venturi Effect causes calcium to change form into something called 'aragonite'. Unlike calcium, aragonite is ‘slippery’ and not only doesn't collect or accrete, it works like a microscopic abrasive, scrubbing off all residue every time it’s in use! (the study is here).

Easy to Install

e-Shower installs in 1, 2 or 3 minutes. The e-Shower quickly and easily attaches to any shower pipe. With our version, the e-Shower comes with a fully adjustable (both ends) 12 inch arm.

The Healthy Alternative

Some water saver systems atomize the water into mist, which of course ‘gasifies’ the chlorine in an enclosed shower stall, which absorbs into our warm open pores - no thanks! We’ve made the e-Shower work hand-in-hand with the most effective “optional” compact in-line water filters on the market today. It has been proven to remove up to 99% of all chemicals, chlorine, living and inert impurities in your water - so you can relax and indulge in pure, safe and abundant showers.
 e-Shower was tested in the rigorous conditions of an Airforce base and found to retain NO BACTERIA - a problem with almost all shower heads.

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