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Under-sink Mounting Kit for UltraStream (w/ Brushed Nickel Vented Faucet)


For those without an aerator on your faucet or who just want their UltraStream mounted under the sink and out of the way. Our Under-sink Mounting Kit is required. This specific kit is required with it's special vented faucet to off-gasses the excessive molecular hydrogen when UltraStream is not being use.

  • We recommend you have a plumber install the kit who can easily install it in less than an hour.
  • We can not be responsible for any water damage resulting from an improper installation. 
  • Installation of any other faucet will result in the warranty being voided and "may" result in water damage and your regret. Please . . . use our faucet.
  • Shipped with everything you need for installation on a 1/2" or 3/8" water line.
  • Requires a 2" hole on the top of the sink or on the side. Many people replace their soap dispenser with this special vented faucet. 

There may be other ways to connect your UltraStream. Just contact us find out what those options are.

Get ALL of the installation instructions from our Support Website HERE.

Or just get the manual HERE.

Or just view the Installation VIDEO HERE.

I know you may be handy but . . . using a plumber is recommended.

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