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Ultrastrea Natural Alkaline, Hydrogen Generating, Water Filter
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The World's Best Proven Natural Alkaline, Hydrogen Generating, Water Filter.

The beauty and magic of UltraStream is that it works exactly like nature to filter, alkalize and naturally energize water, returning it to its natural pristine state.

OUT - heavy metals, fluoride and chlorine, pesticides and bacteria, fungicides, organic contaminants, and so much more.

IN - alkaline minerals, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic H2 (molecular hydrogen).

EXPERIENCE a refreshing silky smooth taste, hydrating and fresh like a mountain spring.

And you'll NEVER have to haul or buy "plastic" bottled water again!

A Simple Installation
UltraStream easily connects to most kitchen taps - or get the "bundle" to install it under your sink with our compatible design under-sink mounting kit which comes with our required special brushed nickel vented faucet. Need assistance? See the installation guides here.
Ultrastream Under-sink Mounting Model
Countertop Model

Install your UltraStream on the counter-top by simply unscrewing your faucet's aerator and attaching the UltraStream’s flow diverter. Adapters included to fit most taps, other options are available just ask.

Ultrastream Counter-top Model
Ultrastream diverter

The standard $699 Countertop Model is placed on your counter top IF you have a standard aerator at the end of your faucet. This will NOT work for pull-out spray heads. You'll need the "bundle."

As low as $62/month with
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UltraStream Bundle

The UltraStream under-sink mounting kit has everything you need to mount your UltraStream under the sink and have a beautiful brushed nickel vented faucet to pour from on top.

Ultrastream Under-sink Model Faucet
Ultrastream Under-sink Model Installation

The UltraStream $844 "bundle" includes an UltraStream and the Under-sink Mounting Kit which comes with a special "vented" faucet and MUST be used to vent the excessive hydrogen gas produced by the UltraStream. "Bundled" at $844 it saves you $50.

As low as $75/month with
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The body needs nutritious water. Ultrastream converts your everyday tap water into water that is clean, healthy and tastes good.

Can your water filter do all that?

Filters out heavy metals,
fluoride and chlorine,
pesticides and bacteria,
fungicides and organic contaminants,
and so much more.

Alkaline Minerals

Refreshing Taste
Smooth and Hydrating
Silky fresh like a mountain spring


It's not just what UltraStream takes out, but what it adds-in that makes filtration unique in our 7 step natural filtration process.

Crystal Quartz

Crystal Quartz unique piezoelectric effect helps to soften the water and stabilize the Oxidation/ Reduction Potential to give you the best tasting, fully energized water.

O-Dobi Beads

O-Dobi beads were discovered after a decade-long search  for the perfect hydrogen and alkalizing natural media. O-Dobi  is a ceramic encasing pure magnesium and calcium. It slowly releases these elements to alkalize and to infuse the water with hydrogen gas. Tested to show 3x the hydrogen delivery of a $4,000 electric ionizer.

Ceramic Magnets

We discovered that Ceramic Magnets stabilize pH in the water by creating a strong magnetic field positioned after the O-Dobi to maintain its effect.


Tourmaline is a semiprecious gem. It has the unique ability to soften water and impart far infrared energy. We’ve used it in our electric systems for many years with excellent water ‘polishing’ results of sweeter, softer and delicious water.

Catalytic Carbon

Our Catalytic Carbon is the best filtration carbon in the world with up to 8 times the surface area of ordinary granular carbon. Most activated carbon filters only remove chlorine. Catalytic Carbon also removes chloramines and far more VOC’s (volatile organics compounds) PLUS all of the usual problematic toxins like volatile organics, trihalomethanes, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and more.


Patented KDF-85 is the best way to remove and neutralise heavy metals in your water. It also reduces the effects of hard water and controls bacteria within the filter. It’s also the most expensive filtration media in the world.

Activated Alumina

Not to be confused with Aluminum. It’s actually the same substance as Ruby and Sapphires. Our life-of-filter tests show up to 70% reduction in fluoride. Fluoride is one of the hardest compounds to remove from water. 70% reductions will drastically reduce your daily exposure to fluoride.

Filter pads

One Micron Filter Pads between each layer separate filter medias and protect against carbon ‘fines’ leaking into your water.

Here at Alkaway, we've changed the market. People no longer need to spend thousands of dollars for hydrogen-infused, pure, delicious water.

Because you and your family deserve clean and healthy water.

At Alkaway, we know that people who have clean and healthy water can live healthier, longer and happier lives. One UltraStream provides clean, healthy water to each member of your family. Change your water. Change your life.


Do more than just drink clean water.
Drink HEALTHY water!

10x better filtration

There's no point in ionizing crappy water. Most ionizers don't address the "type" of water (tap, well, bottled) going into the filter. “Extreme” filtration was specifically designed into UltraStream BEFORE the water hits the ionization process to give you the healthiest quality of water possible.

3x more infused hydrogen

UltraStream was independently tested with results showing an output of  almost 3 times the Molecular Hydrogen (H2) as compared to other “gold standard” electronic ionizers that cost five times more. More hydrogen means more therapeutic results, which can lead to less pain, less stress and more energy.

Supports green LIVING

Only 20% of plastic actually gets recycled. It's overproduced and unnecessary. When you have an Ultrastream you can eliminate the need to buy water, which reduces plastic consumption, meaning no hauling water and resulting in a better environment.

Pure water is the base for performance...

“I discovered that alkaline water has additional benefits to ordinary filtered water or minerally depleted reverse osmosis water. More research is also becoming available to demonstrate the performance enhancement aspects of hydrogen rich, structured water… red blood cell movement depends on optimal pH and hydration. I’ve been drinking this water for a year now and it’s certainly been the healthiest, happiest, strongest year of my life so far!

Keegan Smith

Head Performance Coach, Sydney Roosters

We only had one chance at excellence.

The UltraStream is the world's most advanced Water filter unit. It purifies, alkalizes, ionizes and infuses the water with molecular hydrogen and it’s extremely affordable! Designed in Australia, made in California, the home of the world’s best water filtration engineers the UltraStream delivers World Class Filtration unlike any other.

We firmly believe we have made the best water filter, ionizer, alkalizer and hydrogen system money can buy.

We wanted to create the world’s best natural water ionizer and hydrogen dispenser, help MORE people by making H2 MORE affordable and make products that DO NOT become obsolete.

With our 9,000+ units now delivered, we can proudly say,
we’ve done it!

And while water isn't everything, considering it's the second nutrition we take into our bodies to sustain life... it's pretty important.

The body can live for five weeks without food but only 5 days without water. Bottled water is processed water. Tap water is processed water. The body doesn't recognize processed food or water as nutrition and stores it in fatty cells. It's not just about drinking water, it's about drinking good, clean, healthy water, and when it tastes good, it makes hydrating a joy.


The UltraStream is the FIRST water ionizer IN THE WORLD to have life-of-filter independent laboratory filter testing. No water ionizer has ever revealed the performance of their filter over its expected life before.

  • UltraStream isn’t like any other water ionizer. Our long (and sometimes painful!) experience has shown us that maintaining an electric water ionizer is not nearly as easy as a natural water ionizer like the UltraStream. And our laboratory proven results demonstrate that it was all worth it. Look closely. Every part of the UltraStream was designed with safety and simplicity in mind.

  • The UltraStream is the only water ionizer certified for stringent European safety standards. The UltraStream is the first water ionizer in the world to be submitted to laboratory testing for hydrogen production efficiency.

  • UltraStream has no transformer, internal plumbing, flow sensors, diodes,  SMPS systems, electrolysis chamber, or electronics. Because the hydrogen and alkalizing system is our special O-Dobi media within the actual filter, every time you replace a filter you effectively have a new water ionizer!

Not too sure yet about UltraStream?
Give I LOVE H2 a try!


Want to learn more about hydrogen,
alkalinity and the science behind it all?
Check out our Learning Center.