Unmask the Truth About Your Drinking Water

and what you can do about it

What does water really do for us?

The body can live for 5 weeks without food but only 5 days without water. Most bottled water is processed water. Tap water is processed and chemically treated water. The body doesn’t recognize processed food or water and stores it in fatty cells. We should be able to access good drinking water anywhere in the United States - water that is clean, healthy and contains the mineral that our body needs every day.

And it should taste good as well as benefiting you and your family!

And so, what is Generally added to our Drinking Water?

Our tap water is treated with a large number of chemicals in order to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. It may also contain other undesirable contaminants like toxic metal salts, hormones, and pesticides, or it may become contaminated by chemicals or microbes within pipes (e.g. lead, bacteria, protozoa).

Typical Tap Water Contaminants:

  • ‍Chlorine
  • Fluorine compounds
  • Trihalomethanes (THMs)
  • Heavy Metals incl. Arsenic, Radium, Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, and Barium
  • Hormones and Pharmaceuticals
  • Nitrates
  • Pesticides

Revealing the Truth about some of the Chemicals in Our Drinking Water!

What can we do about our drinking water?

We can drink the local water supply or we can choose to filter the water to remove/reduce the level of the nasties and contaminants in our drinking water.

The Good News!

There are water filters available today that can considerably reduce or eliminate the nasties and contaminants in our drinking water. UltraStream is one of the best compared to others . . . just read the testimonials!

It not only reduces the Fluoride level in your drinking water, it removes:

  • Bacteria
  • Heavy Metals
  • Chlorine & Chloramines
  • Sediment
  • Bad Taste & Odor

and Alkalizes, Ionizes and softness the water. What’s more, it adds essential minerals:

  • Magnesium
  • Calcium

and infuses the water with therapeutic Molecular Hydrogen - and it’s extremely affordable!

Ultrastream cut-away

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