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Whole House and 'green' Reverse Osmosis Filtration

Whole House and RO done Right!

Water quality here in the US continues to get bad. Really bad . . . and more and more people are wanting a whole house solution. In order to 'know' exactly what we're dealing with and to present you with the best options, you'll need to get your water source tested. Click HERE to find out more and get your water tested by the only lab in the country we recommend - then return a copy of the report to us for our teams' assessment.
We're now working with the same local company that we get our 'green' RO systems from. They've been in water filtration for 50+ years. These are the people NASA and Tesla go to when they have a special application needing preeminent attention. Agriculture and industrial sectors are their largest clients so yes, we can help you with that too.
CALL us now to find out more about installing a 'Whole House' or 'Agricultural' filtration system.

We're not a fan of RO. It wastes water and there's just way to much research and evidence to support the problems associated with de-mineralization of this water and your health. Read this. BUT we know some of you NEED it so our partners have developed a 'green' system with a waste factor of 1:1 and NOT 3 or 4 to 1. We have options to add back in minerals, a high pH and 'infused' molecular hydrogen. Call us to review your options.

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