Whole House and Reverse Osmosis Filtration

Whole-house water filtration?

Water quality here in the US continues to get bad. Really bad. The big companies presenting a "one size fits all" approach can't do what we do - customizing your order based on water test results and your health and home needs. If you're on municipal 'town water' then a water test may not be required. That's up to you. Choose your options below.

Option 1: No water test before choosing a system

  • Email or give us a call (844-425-5292) to discus your needs. We don't offer a once size fits all because, there's no such thing.

Option 2: Testing your water before choosing a system

Note: when you order a water test, it can take up to 3-weeks to get the results back from the lab after you've submitted your sample to them - so plan ahead.

  • When the results are ready, you'll receive a copy along with our staff. We typically have two sets of eyes looking at this report. One to evaluate the "contamination" issues, and one to evaluate the health issues that may be a problem based on your health needs.
  • We'll reach out to you within 5 business days after receiving and evaluating the report - and consult with you about your best solutions and options.

We're not a fan of RO (but)

With recent research, these are the reasons we're not big fans of Reverse Osmosis (RO) or demineralized "dead" water:

  • deprives (teeth or bones) of minerals, causing loss of tooth enamel or softening of the skeleton.
  • when demineralized water enters the body, it starts looking around for minerals it can use to help absorb itself into the body. Guess where it gets them from?
  • let’s be clear about this - we are saying that it is NOT natural to drink pure water.
  • Read this article Is Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water Healthy or NOT?

BUT we know some of you want or NEED it!

So for health reasons, in collaboration with Suliss since late 2016, they developed a "green" RO system for those that want it.

Every Suliss Mini Plus includes an UltraStream mounted along side the RO system (not pictured above) and features a way to "dial-in" your pH and taste. You'll have the option of adding:

  • a Digital Gallons "Used Meter" to measure how much water has gone through the system to better determine when to replace your filter cartridges
  • a Water Shut-off / Water Alarm Flood Preventer
  • pH, TDS Meters

You'll also get a Brushed Nickel special Vented Faucet to install at your sink.

You'll get excellent, clean, tasty water remineralized with over 10 minerals and infused with an abundance of molecular hydrogen.

The waste factor is 1 to 1, not your typical 3 to 1, which wastes 3 gallons for every 1 gallon of drinkable water created! With this, the Suliss Mini Plus can save you up to 7200 gallons of water per year compared to conventional systems. Good for you. Good for the environment.

Call us (844-425-5292) or email us to review your options.

Chances are, if you have an undesirable water condition,
we have or can design a healthy solution for you.

To Learn More About Whole House and RO, give us a call or submit your information below. We'd love to help meet your filtration needs.

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